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Representative Patents We have Acquired for Our Clients:

D599,272 Holding device for use in automobiles 
D599,269 Wheel rim bead lock 
D578,362 Lug bolt wrench with step pad 
D575,838 Exercise cycle frame and fork
D551,926 Lug bolt wrench with step pad 
4,027,994 Partially divided turbine housing for turbochargers and the like
4,083,310 Vehicle guidance system incorporating track
4,128,084 Rotary engine
4,274,077 Vehicle cover and alarm system therefor
4,504,187 Turbocharger method of operation and turbine housing therefor
4,530,640 Method and apparatus for wastegating turbocharged engine with divided exhaust system
4,651,690 Collapsible wall engine
4,704,075 Turbocharger water-cooled bearing housing
4,800,858 Collapsible wall engine
4,802,449 "O"-Type engine construction 
4,815,184 Method of fabricating a turbocharger water-cooled bearing housing
4,823,745 Conformable bladder engine
4,854,740 Wear reduction member for engine 
4,864,989 Pre-combustion chamber spark plug and method of igniting lean fuel 
4,867,200 Unidirectional fluid flow check valve assembly 
5,024,262 Compactly foldable automobile sunshade
5,035,460 Automobile window protector
5,234,116 Trunk securement means for grocery bags and packages
5,236,054 Combination carrier truck and umbilical drilling rig 
5,497,615 Gas turbine generator set
5,604,507 Wide-banded mobile antenna
6,017,274 Method of forming a fastener
6,113,049 Auto console cup adaptor and attachments
6,142,865 Long life vehicle ventilation system 
6,894,606 Vehicular black box monitoring system
7,119,672 Dynamic vehicle signaling device and system
7,267,030 Bicycle crank assembly 
7,445,105 Free coaster bicycle hub
7,523,684 Bicycle crank assembly
7,523,685 Bicycle crank assembly 
7,559,416 Free coaster bicycle hub